I made vegan cheese!

When ZuckerBaby tweeted the link to her favourite vegan cheese recipe, I knew I would have to try it. This is a cashew cheese which does not require any cultures. I used agar powder (rather than agar flakes) as the setting agent.

This cheese is pretty easy and fun to make, though it does start setting fast. The recipe is from Ann Gentry, and there are some helpful notes on the recipe (and other thoughts about vegan cheese) at Vegangela’s blog.

I made the quantities recommended by Vegangela, which filled four 9cm ramekins. I flavoured two with some liquid smoke (including the one pictured here), and two with kalamata olives (I’ll put that photo up next). I found them both delicious: a savoury, cheesy taste that makes it very difficult to stop eating. I enjoyed the cheese on crackers and I enjoyed it as an addition to the sandwiches I take to work.

Give it a try. It puts “oh, but I could never give up cheese” into a whole new perspective.