Conference survival kit

A month ago I travelled to Budapest for a conference. This was my first work trip as a vegan. Pictured here are the snacks I took each day to get me through the day (since the morning and afternoon teas were certainly not vegan-friendly): dried fruit and nut mix, some vegan chocolate, a Nakd bar and a Primal vegan jerky strip (I stocked up on the last two items at the Cruelty Free Shop, Glebe before I left).

For the flight from Sydney to Budapest I took these snacks as well as some fruit and a substantial sandwich. This was just as well, since my meal request (made online a few weeks in advance) somehow didn’t get passed on from one airline (whose name appeared on my booking) to the airline which was actually operating the flight. Moral of the story – always check which airline is operating the flight and make sure that THEY know about your meal request. Rookie error.