Chocolate cake with macadamia icing

Mmm, chocolate cake. My son asked me if we could make some. I said “sure!”. We used this recipe which I had found when I needed to make my son a 4th birthday cake, as a brand new vegan earlier this year. The cake had turned out really well back then, but the icing I had sort of made up (not knowing any vegan recipes for cake icing at the time) had been a disaster.

This time I used Dreena Burton’s recipe for “fluffy macadamia mallow frosting” from Let Them Eat Vegan. This icing was great, and fun to make. It uses macadamia nut butter, which was the easiest nut butter to make that I’ve tried so far – it’s a wonder macadamia nuts ever take solid form, given how easily they collapse into smooth, creamy nut butter.