My first vegan Christmas

My very first Christmas as a vegan was three weeks ago, at my brother-and-sister-in-law’s place in the UK. My sister-in-law Sara is extremely organised and a great cook. Without any prompting from me (she didn’t ask me any questions in advance about what to feed me!) she ordered a Tofurky and cooked it in a slow-cooker with yummy things like cranberries. She cooked lots of delicious vegetables, all vegan-friendly. She discovered that her daughter Anna’s favourite gravy granules are accidently vegan. This photo shows my plate before I added the gravy (-:

Thank you Sara for my delicious Christmas lunch… and for the homemade mince pies and brownies and orange cake. Thanks also to my nephew William for the delicious homemade mango sorbet and chocolate coconut ice cream. Yum!