Glam Doll vegan doughnuts

While in Minneapolis for a conference last month, I visited Glam Doll Donuts. Now trying to work out excuses to visit Minneapolis again! One of their display cabinets was set aside for vegan doughnuts. I enjoyed the Misfit (pictured at the front) which was very nice, a light and fluffy doughnut with a nice glaze (orange, ginger and cinnamon infused, apparently). But I really, really enjoyed the second doughnut I tried: this one had chocolate icing sprinkled with almond slivers and with a delicious creamy almond-flavoured centre.  It’s at the back right of the picture (from the menu on the Glam Doll website, I think it must be the Varga Girl).

Would the nice people at Glam Doll Donuts consider opening a new store in Sydney, perhaps?