Three-bean chocolate chili

I finally got around to making the Three-bean Chocolate Chili recipe from Veganissimo. I’ve never made anything with chipotle chilis before, and wasn’t even sure where I’d be able to buy them, but it turns out that you can buy cans of chipotle chilis in adobo sauce in a well-stocked greengrocers store. Who knew?

This meal also had another first… I’ve never added dark chocolate to a chili before. I knew it could work amazingly well because I’d been lucky enough to taste-test this recipe while Leigh was writing Veganissimo. It was a stand-out recipe for all the taste-testers that night: the chocolate seemed to really intensify the chili flavours. So I’d been looking forward to cooking this at home.

Rather than try to prepare a child-friendly version, we just fed the kids something else and I kept this meal adults-only. The result was a very tasty chili, but slightly more chocolately than I remember… I added slightly more than the recipe called for because I was too lazy to cut one of the squares of chocolate in half! Next time I make it, I’ll add slightly less chocolate than specified in the recipe. But I’ll definitely be making it again, and I look forward to seeing how the flavour changes when we reheat it.