Wholegrain German-Style Bread

I made another bread! I used this recipe for Wholegrain German-Style Bread. I only had pumpkin seeds in the house, so that’s what I used.

I’m not convinced about the quantity of flour stated in the recipe – it says 5 1/4 cups, which is a huge amount for only 2 cups of water! I used less (maybe 4 cups?) but still wasn’t able to knead all the flour into the mixture. I wonder if it should say 3 1/4 cups? So I had no idea whether the recipe would work at all. But the bread turned out very nicely, with a good texture and flavour.

With the leftover flour I added a bit more water and realised that I’d created a pizza dough. So I made a couple of mini-pizzas for the kids. (Look closely at the base and you’ll see a tell-tale pumpkin seed or two.)