Homemade sushi

My daughter has been wanting me to make some sushi at home for a long time. So I brought in an expert, my sister Leigh, to show me how it is done. We made a feast of vegan sushi! Some were filled with various combinations of: tofu, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, thinly sliced capsicum and carrot. (I just used store-bought teriyaki-flavoured tofu.) We soaked shitake mushrooms and kind of braised them in soy sauce… these made yummy sushi when paired with pickled ginger. For fun we also made some “tuna” filling from roughly mashed chickpeas, dairy-free mayonnaise and sesame seeds, which ended up being my son’s favourite.

I’ll definitely make sushi at home again… I just hope that I can remember all of Leigh’s expert tips!