Christmas nut loaf

Last Christmas (in the UK) my amazing sister-in-law organised Christmas lunch for me without me having to lift a finger. This year we visited my family in Brisbane and it was my job to put something in the centre of my plate, and my sister’s job to provide yummy vegan-friendly vegies to go with it. I chose to cook the Vegan Christmas Nut Roast from the Vegan Chat Room’s blog. I’d given it a test run so I knew it was tasty.

Vegan Christmas Nut Roast

This was my plate, with the nut roast, some roast potatoes, roasted sweet potato with brown sugar, and some broccolini. I’d made some gravy for myself but it wasn’t my best: I tried to thicken it and it ended up too gloopy and not brown enough. But that was a minor quibble: the nut roast made a great addition to my Christmas lunch plate.

Christmas pudding

I’d resigned myself to no dessert, since Mum’s Christmas pud contains eggs and I wasn’t organised enough to bring a dessert. But my sister found a gluten-free Christmas pudding in the cupboard, which she’d bought at a supermarket, and it turned out to be vegan as well! A very nice end to my first vegan Christmas in Australia.