Pokez tacos

Last month I was lucky enough to travel to San Diego for work for a few days. I did my homework before I travelled, spending lots of time on The Fussy Fork‘s archive of San Diego vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, which is a great resource. Armed with this info, my aim was to sample as many vegan delights as I could, within walking distance of my hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter. (There are many, many other vegan or vegan-friendly places that I didn’t manage to visit.)

First up was Pokez Mexican Restaurant. It’s omni, but very vegan-friendly and the staff are very helpful. (One of our group left their jumper behind, without realising, and a waiter from Pokez ran after us for two or three blocks to give it back!) I really enjoyed their tacos: I had a Veggie taco and a Tofu Potato and Mushroom taco, which tasted grrrreat.

Pokez Mexican restaurant

I also liked the decor, covered with stickers and posters, and they play cool music. They also do vegan muffins and other treats to eat their or take away.

Sol Cal Cafe Panini wrap

Another good place for lunch is Sol Cal cafe. They have lots of smoothies and salads, also soups, burgers and wraps. I had the roasted veggies panini wrap and it was just right. (Beware their Loaded Baked Sweet Potato: it is huge!!)

Evolution Fast Food

On my last day in San Diego I had the day to myself, so I wandered further afield than previously. I walked around Balboa Park, visited a few museums, but really this was all leading up to one thing: lunch at the hallowed ground of Evolution Fast Food. This is a **drive-through** all vegan fast food joint, with burgers, sandwiches and wraps. How cool is that?

Evolution burger

I had the bacon cheeseburger with the house made tempeh patty, and sweet potato fries on the side. So, so good. Food you want to hug. They have a really nice shady space out the back where you can sit and eat, with lots of potplants. They also sell heartbreakingly delicious looking cheesecakes and other desserts, but alas I was already full from the burger and fries.

Real Food Daily tofu scramble

Finally, if you find yourself in LAX Terminal 4 (while on your way to San Diego, say), go to Real Food Daily: it’s all-vegan airport food, and it’s delicious. I had a tofu scramble. The picture is blurry but the scramble was spot on.