Boulani kachalu - Afghani flat bread

Last year I contributed to the crowdfunding of a cookbook “Flavours of Afghan Cooking”, developed by the Australian Afghan Hassanian Youth Association (AAHYA). AAHYA is based in Auburn, Sydney and has been assisting refugees since 2006.

The cookbook is not vegan and includes several meat dishes, which is not normally the kind of cookbook I would buy these days. But several recipes are vegan or have a vegan option, such as qeema (dhal), sambosa (a pastry with savory stuffing), aush keema (noodles and lentils) and borani banjan (eggplant in a tomato-based sauce). There are also two flatbread recipes: paratha haftlaa (which involves “pleating” the rolled dough before re-rolling) and boulani kachalu, pictured: a stuffed flatbread. I stuffed half of mine with a spinach filling and the other half with some Daiya cheddar cheese (not traditional I guess, but I wanted to see how they would turn out). The answer is that they turned out yummy. I look forward to making them again: next time I will also make the qeema and borani banjan.

The description in the cookbook says “Boulani is the traditional Afghani flat bread stuffed and baked with either a spinach, pumpkin, red potato or green lentil filling”. It goes on to say “Boulani breads are also ideal for vegans and those looking for healthy alternatives to meat based products.” This vegan was happy to support AAHYA’s cookbook project and even happier to see the word “vegan” in print in the book (-: