Soft macadamia cheese

I love the cashew cheese recipe from Veganissimo so much that I hadn’t tried any of the other cheeses…. until now. This is Soft Macadamia Cheese from Veganissimo. It has 6 ingredients and is very easy to make: you just whizz everything up in a food processor, place into a cheesecloth and leave it in the fridge overnight, suspended over a bowl. The idea is that any excess moisture will come out, but I guess mine was just right because no moisture came out. (I used a very clean, unscented Chux instead of a cheesecloth.)

The resulting cheese is soft and tastes delicious (this is the word my six-year old suggested we use here). I didn’t have any grapes or guava paste (the serving suggestions given by Leigh at the end of the recipe) but found that the cheese is very nice on a cracker with a little Branston pickle: not too much or the taste of the macadamia cheese might be drowned out. I will definitely be making this lovely little cheese again.