Individual vegan pavlova

I made individual vegan pavlovas using the chickpea meringue recipe I’d made before. This is the first ever time I attempted a pavlova, having never been brave enough to try in pre-vegan days. I decided to try to shape the meringue with a spoon, rather than by piping it. The result, as you can perhaps see, was a rather shapeless blob… but a sweet and delicious TASTY shapeless blob.

I think my meringue looks a little brown for two reasons: I used raw sugar instead of white sugar (ground up finer using a stand blender), and I think I overcooked the meringue a bit, unfortunately. So the meringue was crispy all the way through, which is not my preference: I like some soft marshmallowy centre to my pavlova. But the thing is, when you put whipped coconut cream and beautiful fresh fruit on top, it’s still gorgeous. I went with berries, kiwi and passionfruit.

If I make a more pulchritudinous pavlova one day, I’ll be sure to promptly post a picture here. Meanwhile, I’m actually quite happy about these (and my partner and kids were too).