Celery soup

I like making my own soup and should do it more often. Today I realised that I had half a bunch of celery in the fridge, and time to make it into soup before lunch. I’ve never made celery soup before and was intrigued: can celery make a tasty soup? Now I know, the answer is yes.

I had a look in a few recipe books for a recipe to follow, and found a recipe for Corn and Celery Soup in Greenilicious. Sadly I had no corn cobs and no tins of corn kernels. The recipe also called for a carrot but we were out of carrots. I decided to give it a whirl anyway. I’m glad I did, because the result was a tasty, warming soup for a cold Sydney winter’s day. Two key ingredients that contributed to the tastiness: a splash or two of tamari (I used Braggs instead) and some white pepper, added at the end. My 6-year-old informed me that though he doesn’t really like celery, he did really like the soup.

On my to-do list: make this soup according to the recipe someday, when I also have some corn and carrot available.