Homemade vegan marshmallows

It’s been a bit healthy around here lately… we can’t have that! So yesterday I made vegan marshmallows using this recipe from Seitan is my Motor. It’s another use of the magic chickpea liquid that makes vegan meringues.

I’ve never made marshmallow before, and it was an interesting process with a couple of surprises. At one point you have to put some sugar, syrup (I used glucose syrup) and water into a saucepan. I had first poured in the sugar, then syrup on top, and then water. When the water hit the sugar, the sugar started dissolving and let out air bubbles, which rose up slowly through the thick syrup like bubbles in hot mud in New Zealand somewhere. That’s some kind of science at work there. (This was before the saucepan went on the heat.)

I’m pleased with how these marshmallows turned out. They aren’t as light as store-bought marshmallows, and they’re a bit more rubbery (my 6-year-old said they were more like a jelly) but with all that sugar, they can’t fail to be delicious. Next time I might try adding some food colouring and maybe some flavours (maybe a drop of rosewater).