Carrot hot dog

So, if you haven’t already heard, it turns out you can make a very tasty hotdog sausage from… a carrot. A carrot which has been partly boiled to soften it, and then left immersed in a yummy marinade for at least 24 hours. Then, fry or BBQ. They really look the part, right?

I used this recipe from Very Vegan Recipes. Also stand by for Leigh Drew’s upcoming recipe book, which will include a carrot hotdog recipe… it was at a taste testing for the book that I was first introduced to the carrot hotdog concept, and I can tell you that Leigh’s carrot hotdogs taste amazing.

carrot hot dog

I fed these to the family and we all enjoyed them, especially my 6 year old, who told his class about them in his Cheerful Chatter talk the following week! We ate our carrot hotdogs topped with slow-fried red onions and plenty of tomato sauce (and the adults added some mustard).