Orange and date sorbet

We had a heatwave in Sydney a week ago. Spring forgot itself and became summer. What a good time to make creamy date and orange sorbet from Veganissimo. Chopped up dates are simmered in orange juice until they become mushy, then spoonfuls of this date mixture are dropped into the thickening sorbet while it is being churned in the icecream maker. The sorbet itself has both orange juice and orange rind, for enhanced flavour.

I think I may have started adding the date mixture slightly early in the process, so most of them can be found near the bottom of the sorbet. But that’s OK. The finished product is very refreshing and the date and orange flavours blend pleasingly. (I can’t find this recipe on the internet but I do recommend Veganissimo. Yes, the author Leigh is my sister, but I would recommend it strongly anyway, for the cashew cheese alone!)