Rubyfruit cheesecakes

Yesterday I went to Sydney’s Cruelty Free Festival for the first time. Somehow I missed it the last two years, and even for a couple of years pre-vegan I wanted to go, but didn’t. So I was really glad to finally get there. I’m having difficulty finding the right words to express how I felt, being one of many many people inside a large exhibition hall, all dedicated to cruelty-free living. I found it… quietly empowering. Somehow calming, to know you’re not the odd one out, but you are surrounded by like minds. Affirming. I get a mental image of a flat tire being pumped up: maybe the word I’m looking for is “replenishing”.

I ate several tasty tasty things, starting with a pie from Funky Pies which was consumed too quickly to photograph, and finishing with some tasty sticky rice from My Little Panda Kitchen (also unphotographed). But in the end, for me it was really about the vegan cheesecakes. I purchased two cheesecakes from Rubyfruit, including their famous turkish delight cheesecake (foreground): I think I got the last one! I shared these with my 8 year for dessert this evening and she just told me that she’d eat a hundred more if she could (-:

Rhubarb bakes cheesecake

While at the festival yesterday I also enjoyed this blueberry cheesecake from Rhubarb Bakes. Truly for the vegan cheesecake fan there is much to enjoy at the Cruelty Free Festival.