Sticky orange chicky stir-fry

This is sticky orange chicky stir-free, from Isa Does It. I love the bright colours and the strong flavours. The seitan uses a recipe which is similar to chickpea cutlets, but steamed instead of fried or baked. I was in a hurry and didn’t mash my chickpeas very thoroughly, but everything still held together. (You can see some bigger lumps of chickpeas in some of the slices, if you look closely at the photo.) Next time I make it, I will be more patient and work on the chickpeas a bit more.

The resulting seitan was a lot softer than the chickpea cutlets, which I guess could be because the seitan is steamed (?). But I also wonder if it’s partly because I used them in the stirfry straight after making them. I have another batch in the freezer, so I will be interested to see if the texture changes after freezing.