Tonight my friend Dana took me to Cha-Ya, a vegan Japanese restaurant in Berkeley. There were so many great-sounding dishes, it was very hard to choose. We shared a few dishes and enjoyed them all. Pictured above we see Dengaku on the right: this is tofu, portobello mushroom and eggplant with a miso glaze (the stuff on the top was delicious). The bowl on the left contains sunomono, a cucumber salad with seaweed, radishes and other yummy stuff.


Completing our meal was this noodle bowl, containing gyoza, lots of veggies, and noodles.

I still have a week left in Berkeley and will definitely go back to Cha-Ya to try some more things on the menu: I’ve read a few reviews recommending the Cha-Ya roll. Best of all, this place is just around the corner from where I’m staying: it’s on Shattuck Avenue in the area they call the Gourmet Ghetto.