These have just come out of the oven: they are gluten-free cookies from Dreena Burton’s Let Them Eat Vegan. I made them because I had an urge to bake and I had a lemon I wanted to use up. When I went looking through recipe books, I found this one.

I had the usual “argh, the recipe says cornflour, what does that mean in Australia?” dilemma. Google “what is the difference between cornflour, cornmeal and corn starch” and you will find many posts, mostly written by confused Australians trying to match up their recipe (of north American origin) with the ingredients we see in the shop.  I remembered just in time that what Australians buy as cornflour is what Dreena Burton would call cornstarch: a thickening agent.  Definitely not what was required as the main body of these cookies.

Instead I used the polenta I had in the cupboard. (I think what Australians call polenta corresponds to coarsely ground cornmeal? Though I’ve also seen it described as “pre-cooked cornmeal”. Like everyone else, I’m confused.).  Instead of the millet flour called for in the recipe, I had millet meal.  So I put these ingredients into my high-speed blender and gave them a whizz, to try to grind them up a bit finer. I think it worked OK. The biscuits still have a bit of a grainy feel, but only slightly (it doesn’t feel like eating sand, which I’ve experienced when cooking with polenta before).  Most importantly, with the lemon juice, lemon rind, cranberries and other flavours, they taste really nice.