Last week we went to the Sydney Vegan Market at Moore Park. We got there around 11am and it was already quite busy… by lunchtime it was absolutely packed.  So many great things to eat, it was hard to choose.  I had two corn fritters with a tomato quinoa salad.  In fact, mine also had a scoop of avocado mash on each fritter, but I was so keen to eat it that I forgot to take a photo!  So I went back to the stall later and took a photo of someone else’s order (with permission).


There were also lots of yummy sweet treats to choose from.  I managed to get the very last slice of raspberry-topped cheesecake from Rhubarb Bakes.  Mmm, happy tastebuds.

A big reason why we went to the markets last weekend was to see my sister Leigh, who was there selling products from her new business Just Add.  I’ll do a post on Just Add products separately, when I’ve prepared a couple more of her products at home.