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We recently bought a waffle-maker and made some waffles. Delicious! We used Leigh’s “Basic Waffles” recipe from Veganissimo! and it worked really well.  The whole family enjoyed a weekend breakfast consisting of these waffles, which we topped with stewed apples, various berries and maple syrup. Yum.


I’ve made tofu scramble many times, but this is the first time I’ve ever made a chickpea scramble. I used this Mexican Chickpea Scramble recipe from Fettle Vegan. I didn’t have any cabbage in the house, but I added some chopped-up choy sum for extra leafy-green goodness.

I served this up for dinner, along with home-made Lincolnshire seitan sausage, baked beans and peas. The scramble was tasty and filling. Maybe I still prefer scrambled tofu, but I will definitely make chickpea scramble again.



Sometimes I just like a little coconut yoghurt on my morning cereal. Usually I have to go to the health food to see if they have Coyo yoghurt in stock. So I was happy to see a new coconut yoghurt product on sale in the yoghurt section of my usual supermarket.  (That’s right: it was in the usual yoghurt section, not some kind of “special food for problem customers” type section). Naturally I purchased some to give it a try.

Nudie is known in Australia for selling additive-free fruit juices. I guess they’re branching out.

I enjoyed this yoghurt: it has a pleasant taste which is quite mild. I’d buy it again.  I’d also like to see how it goes in a yoghurt cake. (Cakes with yoghurt in usually end up with a great texture, in my somewhat limited experience.)


However, as a vegan, I didn’t like the cartoon on the foil seal: “Cows need a holiday too!”.  I don’t want the cow to have to come back to work at the end of its “holiday”. I want us to stop exploiting cows.  So I found this message very jarring, and I bet I’m not the only one. Nudie, you don’t want to irritate the vegan component of your market… do you?



These are the most sausage-like seitan sausages that I have ever made. The recipe is from the Grumpy Sailor and it is a good’un. As you can see, I enjoyed my sausages for brunch (and also I had about the same thing for dinner, I mean brinner, once or twice). These sausages are also good sliced up in sandwiches, as the Grumpy Sailor rightly mentions.


The seitan is wrapped up in foil and steamed. Maybe in the past I’ve wrapped my foil too loosely? This time the foil really did shape the seitan into sausage-like cylinders. The photo above shows the seitan after it has been steamed. Then you can fry or grill the sausages when you need them (refrigerate or freeze the rest).


Just look at that texture! I was amazed and pleased. They taste very good too. I will definitely make these again.

Corn fritters

Today for lunch we enjoyed corn fritters, recipe from Veganissimo and available online. I didn’t have masa harina so I used polenta. The fritters were very tasty: I ate mine with chutney made from bush tomatoes (native Australian tomatoes). In Veganissimo, it suggests (vegan) tartar sauce as a serving option. A green salad would have been nice on the side too, if I’d had more time… or any salad ingredients in the house!

Since they’re made with polenta (or masa harina) and chickpea flour, these fritters are gluten free.

baked oatmeal

Last year I visited my friend Eva in Milwaukee. She made baked oatmeal for breakfast and it was yummy. From time to time I made it on a weekend as something different. Eva based her oatmeal on this recipe from Cookie and Kate, with just a couple of adjustments required to make it vegan: omit the egg (it doesn’t need to be replaced with anything) and use vegan margarine in place of the butter.

The batch I made recently used soy milk and homemade almond milk, instead of coconut milk. I also used mixed frozen berries instead of the blackberries suggested by the recipe. I used a little less cinnamon and a little less maple syrup than suggested. I also ended up making only half a batch, since I had only 1 cup of rolled oats in the cupboard, and it was just enough for the 4 of us.

baked oatmeal

I only baked my oatmeal for about 20 or 25 minutes, not 45 minutes as suggested. Possibly the shorter time was enough because I had only made a half batch, so the mixture wasn’t very deep. But I suspect you might not need 45 minutes even with the full quantity.

Three of us really liked this: Child #2 did not. But that made Child #1 happy because they got to eat all of Child #2’s leftovers!

Tortilla stack

When the soft drink in the background contains feijoa, it’s a good bet you’re in New Zealand. I spent a week in Wellington, NZ for a conference, and stuck around for the weekend. I had my reasons. One of them was to follow my sister Leigh (who joined me for the weekend) to her favourite Wellington cafe, Midnight Espresso, 178 Cuba St.

The above photo shows the tortilla stack that I sampled one day for lunch. With layers of beans, mushrooms, tomato and pumpkin, this stack was tasty and fun to eat (the salsa was yummy too).

Vegan stack

We also breakfasted at Midnight Espresso (actually on the day before: this post is in reverse chronological order) where I tried the vegan stack (clearly they’re big on stacks). Enormous mushroom, grilled tomato, spinach and a hash brown, with the yummy salsa and the house vegan mayo.

Midnight Espresso

Midnight Espresso is an institution: it’s been open for more than 25 years. It’s an omni cafe but with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. The whole place has attitude: the music, the furniture, the staff and the food. When in Wellington, you should definitely drop in.