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My partner cooked these delicious curries from Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen. In the background: cauliflower and peas in spicy curry. The sauce in this dish is made creamy with cashew nuts, yum. But the main event was chicken-free balti, using chicken-free strips from the Alternative Meat Co (available from our local supermarket, hooray!). This was a very flavoursome curry with a great blend of spices. The chicken strips were grilled first, then used as the recipe described. They added a smoky flavour to the balti.

Good work honey! Please can cook this again for us sometime.


At the start of the year, we were heading back to Brisbane from the south and I realised that this was a perfect opportunity to visit the Loving Hut at Mt Gravatt, Brisbane. I had heard good things but had never eaten here. Now I definitely want to eat at Loving Hut again soon! Check out the amazing lunch I had: Seven Seas Delight, described as “crispy fried veggie protein and seaweed, dressed with a thick ginger and soy sauce”. It really tasted like fish. It was amazing, delicious and just gorgeous: very special food. I loved it.


My partner cannot go past a thai curry, and he enjoyed his Thai Red Curry.


The kids ordered a spaghetti bolognese each, but really could have shared one: it was huge and very tasty.

It’s always such a joy to be in an all-vegan establishment with many many items on the menu. Loving Hut is a global chain, so now I will look out for them on my travels as well. Two thumbs up.


These are the most sausage-like seitan sausages that I have ever made. The recipe is from the Grumpy Sailor and it is a good’un. As you can see, I enjoyed my sausages for brunch (and also I had about the same thing for dinner, I mean brinner, once or twice). These sausages are also good sliced up in sandwiches, as the Grumpy Sailor rightly mentions.


The seitan is wrapped up in foil and steamed. Maybe in the past I’ve wrapped my foil too loosely? This time the foil really did shape the seitan into sausage-like cylinders. The photo above shows the seitan after it has been steamed. Then you can fry or grill the sausages when you need them (refrigerate or freeze the rest).


Just look at that texture! I was amazed and pleased. They taste very good too. I will definitely make these again.


I felt that it was time to try a new seitan recipe. (I have only really tried chorizo seitan from Viva Vegan, and chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon.) After a bit of googling, I saw a lot of people posting recipes adapting the Steamed White Seitan recipe from Viva Vegan. So I decided to start there. (The recipe is also available online from

The recipe was quite easy to make, but I wasn’t quite sure that I got my four loaves into the right shape. Also, I forgot to set the timer for the steaming and I suspect that I should have steamed them a little longer. Never mind, the seitan always gets cooked again before eating.

For two of the loaves, I sliced them and grilled them (left).  The other two spent some time in the freezer, then I defrosted them, tried to slice them thinly, briefly marinated them and put them in the oven. It turns out that the defrosting was a mistake: I later read a tip saying that you should slide partially-frozen seitan, so that you can make thinner slices. Never mind!  For the marinade I used a simpler version of tempeh tickle, with just olive oil, balsamic vinegar, some Braggs, a little Dijon mustard and a spot of maple syrup. (There’s already enough herbs in the seitan so I didn’t add any more herbs in the marinade.)  Then I put the marinated slices on an oven tray (on top of some kitchen paper) and put them in the oven for about 10 minutes each side. They came out quite crispy and tasty.

I’ve been enjoying the grilled slices in sandwiches this week (I slice them in half again before use, to make them thinner) and I think the oven-baked slices are going to make delicious sandwiches too. But I’d be happy to learn new ways to prepare seitan, especially for sandwiches, since I usually take sandwiches to work. If you know of a good recipe, please let me know in the comments!