There are so many reasons to visit the Green Edge, as I try to do every time I’m in Brisbane. (See here and here.) Usually I go for lunch and I’m too full to try any of their delicious sweet treats. But on my last visit, my Mum suggested that we buy something sweet to take home for afternoon tea. What a great idea!  I chose this gorgeous concoction: I’m afraid I can’t remember what they called it but I think it involved raspberries. This is what it looked like when I took the end piece of chocolate off with my fork, before demolishing it. Berries, chocolate, what’s not to love?


This was the ‘before’ shot. (I should have included a fork or something, for scale: it was maybe 10cm long. It almost looks like it could be the size of a loaf of bread!)


This is yummier than it looks: corn and quinoa chowder from Dreena Burton’s Let Them Eat Vegan. I’ve been making this for years but I don’t think I’ve ever posted it here: maybe because it never looks any good in photos?

The recipe is available online at 86lemons.com and is very easy.  Everything goes into a casserole dish, stir, put in the oven, take it out halfway through, stir again, put it back in the oven until done. Oh and you stir in a little lime juice at the end. It’s good winter warming comfort food: yes I know it’s spring here in Australia but I’ve been meaning to post this for a while!  It was cold when I cooked it 🙂  As you can see, I usually serve this with simply steamed green veg.


A little while ago I went to an evening lecture at the University of Sydney. Beforehand I needed some dinner, so I seized the opportunity to go back to Bliss & Chips, Newtown. I ordered vegan calamari and some salad, and enjoyed it all greatly.  It’s fun to eat tasty vegan fish and chips, or in this case, vegan calamari and salad.


My kid #1 informed me that she wanted to make toffee for her Dad for Father’s Day this year. He is very fond of hard English toffee, which is almost impossible to buy here in Australia. We had tried to make toffee for him once before, and it turned out a bit burnt. How did we go on the second attempt?

I used the same recipe again: the plain toffee recipe from One Green Planet. The main difference was that I was much more relaxed about the whole process. Having tried it before, I knew that it would take a long time: in fact, I was stirring the pot for about an hour. I gave up on having the sugar thermometer attached to the side of the saucepan (with a clip that it has on the back), because I was worried that the bulb wasn’t really covered by the mixture. So I just lay it into the saucepan on an angle, and stood it upright from time to time to check the temperature.

I am very happy to report that the resulting toffee does not taste burnt!  It tastes sugary and buttery, like proper hard English toffee that you can buy in the UK. And it’s vegan! Hooray.


My partner has added a new recipe to his repetoire. He prepares baked potatoes (in the microwave, because it’s quicker) and whips up a batch of chilli from Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s recipe Ancho Lentil Tacos. On this occasion he also prepared some baked beans and salad.

The potatoes turned out really well, soft and creamy, though you don’t end up with the crispy skin that oven-baking gives. There’s some instructions on microwave potato baking here, though my partner says he just pricks the skin of the potatoes, then microwaves on high for 3 minutes, turns over, repeat until done. A very easy midweek meal. Thanks honey!


Just around the corner from where I live there is a place called The Shack Market Cafe. It’s omni but always has at least a couple of good vegan options. They’re all about wholefoods. This is the Earth Burger: the patty is made of kale, quinoa, tahini, grated carrot and other yummy things, served with sweet potato fries, salad, tomato relish and grilled tofu. I liked it.  The coffee is good too.

They have three locations: Newtown, Monterey and Gymea. You can see a couple of other things I’ve eaten at the Shack here and here.


On Sunday I made the tempeh tikka masala recipe from Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen. But just before I started cooking, I realised that I didn’t have any tempeh in the fridge after all. Instead I used store-bought chicken-free strips, that I did happen to have in the fridge. The tikka masala flavours easily overpowered the lemon-thyme flavouring of the strips. The curry was fun to make, didn’t take too long to prepare, and was really yummy. The recipe in the book is very similar to this version which is available online from Vegan Richa.  I’ll make this again.