Beany chili with amaranth polenta

My partner made a chili based on the Meaty Beany Chili recipe in Isa Does It, but with added lentils and leaving out a couple of herbs and spices. One night we ate the chili in burritos, then the next night I decided to prepare some polenta to eat with the leftovers.

I found a recipe called “Amaranth Polenta with Roasted Chiles” in Terry Hope Romero’s Viva Vegan. Sadly, since this meal was intended for the whole family, I left out the chilis from the polenta completely. But I did include some amaranth, which was my very first time cooking with amaranth (marketed as an “Aztec superfood”!). I thought the amaranth polenta was very tasty and paired well with the chili, especially with some guacamole on top.