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After a lovely weekend with my friends in Amstelveen, I moved into a cute hotel in Jordaan for a week of work.  I had most of the day to myself on the Monday, and took myself to Meatless District for lunch.  I had a Tofu Hollandaise, served with asparagus and rocket.  It was very tasty and satisfying.


On my last evening in Amsterdam, a Thursday evening, I had dinner here with my work colleagues.  It was really busy, with people at the bar and lots of people eating. We had a good meal (I had a burger) but sadly, no photos.


On my final breakfast in Amsterdam I walked down the street to a place called Healthy Belly, and had these pancakes with coconut cream.  Delicious.


A couple of months ago I spent a week in Amsterdam. The trip was mostly for work, but first I visited my friend Mandy who lives in Amstelveen.  Some friends from the UK joined us for the weekend and it was lovely.  A food-related highlight was dinner at Restaurant Blauw, an Indonesian restaurant near the western end of Vondelpark.

Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands serve something called rijsttafel, which means “rice table”.  It consists of lots of different dishes, to share, so that you get to try lots of things.  Restaurant Blauw offers vegan rijsttafel!  So of course I ordered it and it was delicious.  I’ve forgotten the details and I can’t find the menu online, but there was tofu, tempeh, yummy vegetables, sate sauce, salad, rice.  What I do remember is how much I enjoyed the meal. I wish Amsterdam wasn’t so far away from Sydney!