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I needed a beetroot recently but had to buy a bunch of three. I roasted the remaining beetroot and used most of it to make a big batch of Minimalist Baker’s roasted beetroot hummus. I used about half the lemon zest suggested by the recipe (because I only had one lemon and was making a double batch). I believe that it’s fine to freeze hummus so I’ve got half of this beautiful stuff in the freezer, and have been enjoying the other half on crackers and as a sandwich spread. What a gorgeous colour!


My partner is an omnivore but is happy to cook vegan food for us all to eat. He has also bonded with Isa Does It, which has led to him expanding his repertoire considerably. Recently he cooked this yummy pesto-cauliflower pasta with breaded tofu. The pesto uses basil and coriander (cilantro) and tastes really fresh. The breaded tofu was fun too.

At the back of the photo you can see some beetroot, which I prepared because my partner said he’d been craving it. I roasted some beetroot in their skins and served them warm. Not the most natural pairing with this pasta dish, perhaps, but it was tasty.

Moist beet and chocolate cake

Chocolate cake with beetroot (beet) as an ingredient! The recipe is from Veganissimo and is available online here. I actually cheated and used tinned beetroot (the recipe calls for freshly roasted beetroot), and I used wholemeal flour. (I also left out the melted chocolate because my kids struggle with a very rich chocolate cake.) The result was a very tasty and moist chocolate cake that received two thumbs up from all of us, including the two young taste-testers. I’ll have to try it with freshly roasted beetroot next.

I iced the cake with my old favourite Fluffy Macadamia Mallowy Frosting, because yum.

Beetroot burgers

These burgers were really fantastic – great texture and delicious. The kind of food that you find yourself thinking about the next day (in a good, good way).

Beetroot burgers cooking

The recipe suggests making 4 very large burgers. I made 6 burgers and they were still pretty big. Amazing (and slightly freaky) colour.

Making beetroot burgers

So, the reason I made almond butter was that it is an ingredient in this amazing PPK recipe for beetroot burgers, or Quarter Pounder Beet Burgers. The “mince” is formed from beetroots, cooked brown rice and cooked lentils. Then you mix it to some spices, the almond butter and some breadcrumbs, and grill.