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We visited the Cruelty Free shop in Glebe recently and when I saw that they had the Beyond Burger in stock, I couldn’t resist.  We had it for dinner that night with roast vegetables, steamed snow peas and a Greek salad, made with a vegan feta that I also purchased at the Cruelty Free shop (unfortunately I don’t remember which brand).

The Beyond Burger really is kind of amazing.  The  taste and texture is very realistic.  It’s almost too realistic.  We all enjoyed it and I’m glad we tried it, but I don’t think I’d want to eat it *too* regularly.

The feta tasted nice but kind of melted into the tomato and cucumber, as you can see in the photo.  So I ate up the rest of it by spreading it on toast when I wanted a savoury snack, and it was delicious.

Rubyfruit Southern Fried Chickn Burger

I have had a cold/flu for the last week, so I haven’t done much in the way of exciting cooking. But I’ve got some lovely photos from back in July, when we spent a few days in the Blue Mountains and finally, *finally* visited Rubyfruit in Leura.  I’ve been wanting to go there for so long!  (Last time we tried, they were full and we couldn’t wait, for some reason which must have seemed important at the time.)  It’s always a great feeling to visit an all-vegan cafe or restaurant, knowing that I can order anything on the menu without the need to ask lots of questions.

Since it was lunchtime, we had lunch there. I had the Southern Fried Chickn Burger with sriracha mayonaise.

Rubyfruit Southern Fried Chickn Burger bite

This tasted fantastic. Look at the great texture on their chickn seitan. I really enjoyed my side salad too: grated beetroot, grated carrots and some pumpkin seeds.

Rubyfruit Mexican Burger Chipotle Mayo

My partner had the Mexican Burger with chipotle mayonaise, and a coleslaw side salad, and enjoyed both. The coffee was good too.

Next time I’m in the vicinity, I will strive to go to Rubyfruit around afternoon tea time so I can try one (or more!) of their famous sweet treats.


One of my favourite places to eat in Berkeley is Saturn Cafe. It’s opposite the western edge of the university. Saturn Cafe is a vegetarian diner, with many vegan options and others that are vegan on request. This beauty (above) is the Diablo Burger, served with their award-winning fries.

I love the decor too: every tabletop is different. It’s got a groovy, 1950s science-fiction kind of vibe. But what kept me coming back was the food.


My last meal in Berkeley was lunch: vegan bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on sourdough, of course with the fries. Really tasty. A great send-off, before my suitcase and I got on the BART for the airport and home.


I’ve just spent another three weeks in Berkeley, eating lots of yummy vegan food. (I won’t be able to resist telling you more about it in upcoming posts.) But before I left, I tried a new product from the freezer aisle of my local supermarket. This is the Syndian lentil burger, and we really liked it: great texture and taste. I served them with Dreena Burton’s Mac Oh Geez, a really delicious creamy nut-based mac-no-cheese which I highly recommend. Also some fresh veg.

Syndian is a Sydney-based company which produces gluten-free vegan food. I’ll definitely give some of their other products a try.

Bacon Cheeze Burger

When in Canberra, I try to eat at Sweet Bones all-vegan bakery and cafe. The first time I ate there was around two years ago and they’d only just opened. Since then they’ve moved to a bigger location, and on a Sunday lunchtime (yesterday) it was packed. I was lucky to get a seat on a barstool to enjoy my delicious Bacon Cheeze Burger. So many things on the menu I wanted to try.


The painting on the wall says “Eat like you give a damn” (I could only fit in the word “Eat”, which was floating above me as I perched on my colourful crocheted barstool).  Words to live by, amen.

Vegan Roast

We just took the kids to London for a couple of days: their first ever visit. The whole trip was thrown together at the last minute, so it’s an amazing coincidence that directly across the street from our hotel was a lovely all-vegan restaurant, 222 Veggie Vegan. (Honest, of the two good deals that my partner found online, one was opposite one of London’s favourite vegan restaurants… and we didn’t really look at the other one!). It’s just over a 5 minute walk from West Kensington tube station.

My partner ordered the vegan roast (above), which he greatly enjoyed. The mash is potato and parsnip, the “roast” strips must be seitan I think (the menu does not specify), with an onion gravy.

Ben's Special stirfry

Child #1 tucked into this stirfry, made with marinated tofu, seasonal vegetables and wheat-free noodles. Apart from donating the leafy greens on the top to me, she ate the whole thing. Very tasty.

Seitan Strogonoff

I couldn’t resist the seitan strogonoff, with a delicious creamy sauce.

222 Burger

Child #2 ordered the 222 Burger, but mostly just ate the fries, with the delicious sour cream and home-made ketchup. That meant I got to sample the burger too, and it was very tasty. It’s made from tofu and veggie mince, with lots of interesting nuggets of flavour.

The food was so good that we came back the next night! But I think these four photos give you the idea. If you get the chance, I highly recommend visiting 222 Veggie Vegan: it’s a good idea to call them to reserve a table before you go, as they were very busy both nights we were there. The chef, Ben Asamani, really does produce “food that makes people happy”.

BBQ jackfruit burger

Well, this stuff is fun to make. The idea is that if you marinate and fry tinned jackfruit, it will taste like pulled pork. For me, the hardest part was finding tinned jackfruit, until I visited an asian supermarket. (Important: you want the jackfruit that has been tinned in brine, not in syrup. Just passing on the warning.)

I followed Like A Vegan’s recipe and it worked out really well. The next day my 6 year old told me (out of the blue) how much he had enjoyed the burger.

I have another tin of jackfruit in the cupboard: next, I think I’ll try Like A Vegan’s recipe for steamed “pork”/jackfruit buns. Looks delicious.