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This ginger cake was tasty and easy to make. The recipe, from fuss free flavours, suggests mixing all ingredients at once in a food processor.  I prefer the old-fashioned method of mixing all dry ingredients together in one bowl, wet ingredients in another, then combining.  I will confess that lately, I put the wet ingredients in the larger bowl and tip the dry ingredients into the wet: this way, you don’t end up losing lots of precious moisture on the side of a bowl. It seems to work fine.

This sort of cake can be finished with a dusting of icing sugar, but I didn’t bother and I don’t think it’s necessary. Just eat it.



It was my youngest child’s birthday today. See if you can guess how old he was? Ha ha.

I tried this chocolate banana cake recipe from Madhuram’s eggless cooking, and it worked out really well. The cake was moist and tasted great. For the icing I tried cooked chocolate frosting from Let Them Eat Vegan. I was really happy with the icing: it held together, had a lovely shiny look on the cake and tasted delicious. I applied the icing straight after I’d made it: the recipe says that if you chill the icing in the freezer, then whisk it up again, it becomes lighter and fluffier.  I’ll try that another time, but it’s certainly good to use straight away.


To complete the decoration I applied vegan sprinkles that I bought from the Cruelty Free Shop. The kids at the party enjoyed the cake, and so did the parents who accepted a slice!


Earlier this year, I received a bundt cake mould for my birthday. Today I realised that I still hadn’t used it. So I made this soft molasses gingerbread cake from Veganissimo! by my sister, Leigh Drew.

Instead of blackstrap molasses I used treacle (are they the same thing?… very dark liquid sugary stuff, anyway). I didn’t have any flaxseed meal, which is there to bind the cake together. So I tried to grind up some white chia seeds, which should be able to play the same role. But the chia seeds didn’t seem to want to grind up! so I just gave up and added them to the cake looking almost whole. They seemed to do the necessary, because this cake has a lovely soft texture and a very warm flavour from all the spices.

I admit that I did not include any crystalised ginger because (a) I don’t really like it, (b) I didn’t think my kids would like it, (c) I didn’t have any in the house or (d) all of the above. [Answer: (d)]

I decided to make the (optional) lemon icing, but my icing was a little too runny so it doesn’t look quite as artistic as the photo in the cookbook, which you can see on this blog post from  It doesn’t matter at all, because the cake really is the star attraction. My eldest child said “It’s really yum”, and that seems to sum it up.


This was my younger child’s 7th birthday cake. The icing is just icing sugar + a little warm water + blue food colouring, with vegan hundreds and thousands on top. The cake recipe is one I’ve used before, but it’s recently moved here. Mmm, chocolate cake.

Chocolate cake with gooey ganache

What can I say? This is a simple chocolate cake with a delicious ganache (mixture of non-dairy milk, melted vegan chocolate and some maple syrup from sweetness). I had never made a ganache before but it was very easy. It’s fun to pour the ganache over the cake, watch it slowly ooze out to the edges, then set. A cake to savour.

This recipe can be found in Isa Does it and is also online at Post Punk Kitchen (but with some of the vanilla replaced by almond essence).

Vegan lemon cake

I had some lemon juice left over from another recipe, and decided to make a lemon cake. I knew (from previous experience with this yummy orange cake) that including citrus juice in a vegan cake recipe helps to make the cake light, with a great texture. So I found this lemon cake recipe from Ethical Chef and gave it a try. Result: very tasty, lovely texture. Next time I’ll use a slightly smaller cake tin to get a slightly taller cake.

Update, 27.1.2018: the Ethical Chef page with the recipe seems to have disappeared, but *exactly the same recipe* has shown up on the BBC Good Food site. (I know because I printed out the Ethical Chef recipe back in 2015.)

Moist beet and chocolate cake

Chocolate cake with beetroot (beet) as an ingredient! The recipe is from Veganissimo and is available online here. I actually cheated and used tinned beetroot (the recipe calls for freshly roasted beetroot), and I used wholemeal flour. (I also left out the melted chocolate because my kids struggle with a very rich chocolate cake.) The result was a very tasty and moist chocolate cake that received two thumbs up from all of us, including the two young taste-testers. I’ll have to try it with freshly roasted beetroot next.

I iced the cake with my old favourite Fluffy Macadamia Mallowy Frosting, because yum.