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My partner cooked these delicious curries from Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen. In the background: cauliflower and peas in spicy curry. The sauce in this dish is made creamy with cashew nuts, yum. But the main event was chicken-free balti, using chicken-free strips from the Alternative Meat Co (available from our local supermarket, hooray!). This was a very flavoursome curry with a great blend of spices. The chicken strips were grilled first, then used as the recipe described. They added a smoky flavour to the balti.

Good work honey! Please can cook this again for us sometime.


My Mum fed us this tasty dinner when we were staying with her last month… she had seen the recipe in the paper, but it is also available on This is a tasty meal with a great mix of flavours, colours and textures. I’ll definitely make this myself one day. Mum chose to serve this with green beans, which was a good call: serve with your favourite green veg.

Easy vegan pizza

It’s very satisfying to make your own pizza from scratch, including the base, but it does take time. Here’s a simpler option, just using a store-bought (but uncooked) plain pizza base. (I’m sure you don’t really need instructions for this, but here goes…)

Step 1: Buy a pizza base from a major supermarket (a plain one, with no toppings). Check that it’s vegan: if it’s a traditional recipe, it should be.

Step 2: Roast some garlic (instructions on how to do this are available lots of places, including here.) If you want any other roasted toppings (e.g. capsicum), roast them on a tray at the same time.

Step 3: Heat up a tin of chopped tomatoes, stir through the roasted garlic and add herbs. (Some dried basil and dried oregano is OK, or you can use fresh if you want.) Season to taste. (You can also squeeze in some tomato puree if you like.) Leave over low heat for a while so that the sauce reduces to the desired thickness.

Step 4: Prepare your toppings. I don’t like dry, uncooked bits of mushroom on my pizzas, so I tend to fry the slices first in a little oil, until they soften and release their liquid. Getting this liquid out in advance also helps to make sure your pizza doesn’t get too soggy while it cooks. As well as mushroom, on this pizza I used roasted capsicum strips (with skin removed), kalamata olives, sweetcorn kernels, some Vbites Cheatin’ Meat Pepperoni style slices (chopped up) and some grated vegan cheese.

Step 5: After your tomato sauce has thickened a bit, leave it to cool for a while. Then use a spoon to dollop some sauce onto the base and spread it around, not too thickly. Then, add your toppings: other than the cheese, you want the topping in a single layer. Finally, cook the pizza according to the instructions on the pack. Dig in and enjoy! I know I did.