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Looks great, don’t you think?  It tasted great too. My starting point for this cheesecake was a recipe on One Green Planet for Oreo Cheesecake Tartlets.  I made a couple of modifications: I’m always looking for ways to use up almond pulp (created as a by-product of the fresh almond milk that I make for my green smoothies, since I only see long-life almond milk in the shops near where I live).  So my base was around 1 cup almond pulp, 1 cup dates, cacao powder (about 3 tablespoons?) and some rolled oats, maybe 1/4 of a cup. Then I made the vanilla cream layer, as in the recipe linked above. As in many raw vegan cheesecakes, the cream is made from cashew nuts, coconut milk and flavourings. I didn’t have cacao butter so I substituted melted coconut oil.

But I was too lazy to make the chocolate ganache drizzle that they suggested in the recipe, so I simply topped the cheesecake with fresh strawberries when serving. I think the freshness of the strawberries added a nice element to the dessert.

Instead of tartlets, I used an 8 inch round springform cake tin, lightly greased and lined. As you see, there was enough base for a decent layer on the bottom and up the sides, and luckily, the vanilla filling came up to pretty much exactly the right height! If you haven’t made a raw cheesecake before then (you definitely should and) I should probably mention that after putting the base and filling together, the cheesecake goes in the freezer to firm up. When serving, cutting it while it’s quite frozen helps keep the base together, but I prefer to let it soften up for at least 10 minutes before eating it.


This is the  “luxurious tomato-basil pasta” recipe from the Oh She Glows cookbook. The recipe is available online here (with the author’s permission… I checked). Just remember to soak the cashews the night before, and you’ve got a very quick and easy meal. The tomato-cashew sauce really is creamy and luxurious, with fresh basil for flavour and chopped leafy greens (spinach) for taste and good-for-you-ness. I’ll definitely make this again.


I had originally soaked some cashews with another recipe in mind, but I decided instead to try this cashew maple ice cream from . You just blend up the cashew nuts, some water, coconut oil, sweeteners and vanilla, then put in the freezer in a shallow tray.  You stir the mixture regularly: I gather that this helps make the icecream creamy, rather than just icy.

We tried some tonight with a drizzle of maple syrup over each serve, and we all enjoyed it. The icecream was quite firm initially but softened up quickly.  Next time I make this, I’ll put it in the icecream maker and see if there’s much change in texture.


As soon as I read this recipe one One Green Planet, I knew that I had to try it.  I’d never made a cheese using chickpea liquid before. The recipe was very easy to make, combining soaked cashews with the chickpea liquid, and some flavourings, before stirring over heat to make the mixture thicken, then cooling overnight. As you can perhaps see from the photos,  what I ended up with was a kind of soft spreadable cheese… and that’s fine with me.

The cheese is tasty, though mild. Next time I make it I might try increasing the quantity of lemon juice and nutritional yeast a bit. But it definitely pressed all the right buttons when served with tomato slices, home-grown basil and olive oil.


Next I tried the mozzarella in a toasted sandwich. It didn’t form any long strings when I bit into it but it tastes cheesey and comforting. Again, this is totally fine by me. I guess the next step would be to try it on a vegan pizza.


A couple of Sundays ago we went to the Marrickville Market. There’s lots going on at the markets and lots of food on offer. But my sister Leigh was on the lookout for the Vegan Toastie from Mister Toast. See it above, in all its splendour, and read the ingredients below. Mmmm, shiitake bacon (-:


Thanks Mister Toast for offering this delicious vegan option.

Hint of Mint Cheesecake

When there’s a cheesecake recipe in a cookbook called Greenilicious, which is all about eating more greens, you know it’s going to be slightly unusual. In Leigh Drew’s Hint of Mint Cheesecake, the green colour comes not just from the fresh mint but also from baby spinach. Yep, spinach! It’s a bit like a green smoothie in cheesecake form.

When I made mine, I didn’t have any baby spinach to hand so I used english spinach, which I thought worked fine. The chocolately base gave a good counterpoint (!) to the sweet minty filling. Overall I found this a pleasing dessert, and fun to make. (As with many foods, it’s a good idea to leave it out of the fridge a little before eating, to give yourself a chance to appreciate the flavours.) This cheesecake is gluten-free: it was the first time I ever cooked with quinoa flakes.

As a piece of trivia, this recipe was featured in the December 2014 issue of Women’s Health Magazine in Australia. If you peer at this photo from that magazine you can see much of the recipe there. (It’s a Facebook link, but you don’t have to log into FB to see it.) I usually avoid looking at magazines of any kind, but as Leigh wrote on the Greenilicious FB site at the time, “It’s always great to see vegan recipes in mainstream publications”.

Raw strawberry pie

Another frozen dessert but hey, it’s summer down here in the southern hemisphere. This is Dreena Burton’s Raw Strawberry Pie from Let Them Eat Vegan: recipe available online too.

There’s a farmer’s market that takes place every week from us, just down the road on a Saturday morning. The trouble is, we like being lazy on Saturday mornings so we don’t always get there. But last time we did, I bought a couple of punnets of ripe strawberries and made this delicious pie. It was easy to make and tasted very fresh and refreshing.