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Pana Chocolate is a little bit too good. Their chocolate is “raw, organic, handmade, vegan, no dairy, no soy, gluten free, no refined sugar”… and delicious. It is made in Melbourne but you can buy it at various stockists around Australia.

My previous experience with their chocolate was limited to receiving a wonderful gift box from a work colleague… until recently. It happened like this: The supermarket where I usually shop used to sell some vegan chocolate that I liked, but lately they’re not stocking it.  So I had to look further afield, namely, the nearby health food store. The health food store sells many flavours of Pana Chocolate bars like these. Now I am obsessed.

The Orange flavour is amazing and is my favourite, but I also like Strawberry and Pistachio and the Sour Cherry and Vanilla you see in the picture.

Their chocolate is covered with hearts and the message “Love the Earth”.  Well, I love Pana Chocolate.

PS  When I decided to become vegan, more than 4 years ago, I thought it meant giving up chocolate. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!  (-:


It was my youngest child’s birthday today. See if you can guess how old he was? Ha ha.

I tried this chocolate banana cake recipe from Madhuram’s eggless cooking, and it worked out really well. The cake was moist and tasted great. For the icing I tried cooked chocolate frosting from Let Them Eat Vegan. I was really happy with the icing: it held together, had a lovely shiny look on the cake and tasted delicious. I applied the icing straight after I’d made it: the recipe says that if you chill the icing in the freezer, then whisk it up again, it becomes lighter and fluffier.  I’ll try that another time, but it’s certainly good to use straight away.


To complete the decoration I applied vegan sprinkles that I bought from the Cruelty Free Shop. The kids at the party enjoyed the cake, and so did the parents who accepted a slice!


I made these chocolate chip cookies before Christmas as an end-of-term treat for the kids to take to school. The trouble is, I can’t quite remember which recipe I used!  But I am almost certain that I took as my starting point Dreena Burton’s recipe “Double Chocolate Chippers” from Let Them Eat Vegan.  You can find the recipe on this blog post (but it doesn’t explicitly say that it was posted with Dreena’s permission!  so I hope it’s not terrible to link to it).

The thing is, I decided not to put cocoa powder into the batter: the kids are happy enough with chocolate chips, they don’t need the biscuits to be chocolate as well. I can’t remember whether I used the spelt flour called for in the recipe, or whether I replaced it by (a slightly smaller amount of) plain flour. My memory really isn’t what it used to be… that’s the problem with thinking “I’ll post that photo later!”. But I do remember that these chocolate chip cookies were very tasty.


I take my hat off to you, Dreena Burton. This chocolate cake from Plant-Powered Families is absolutely lush. Even better, the recipe is available online. The name of the recipe gives away the secret ingredient: sweet potato! The cake has no oil, but is rich and moist and delicious. There’s even sweet potato in the icing!


I cooked the sweet potato as Dreena suggests at the start of the book: by baking it whole, skin-on. You just scrub the sweet potato, put it on a tray and stick it in the oven for 40 – 60 minutes. Don’t pierce the skin at the start: those fork marks you can see are from me testing whether the sweet potato was cooked. The skin becomes loose and can be easily peeled away from the cooked sweet potato, which was slightly caramelised.

Just give this recipe a try, I predict that you will love it. My kids and I ate the left-over icing with a spoon, it’s almost a chocolate mousse. Gorgeous.


This was my younger child’s 7th birthday cake. The icing is just icing sugar + a little warm water + blue food colouring, with vegan hundreds and thousands on top. The cake recipe is one I’ve used before, but it’s recently moved here. Mmm, chocolate cake.

Chocolate cake with gooey ganache

What can I say? This is a simple chocolate cake with a delicious ganache (mixture of non-dairy milk, melted vegan chocolate and some maple syrup from sweetness). I had never made a ganache before but it was very easy. It’s fun to pour the ganache over the cake, watch it slowly ooze out to the edges, then set. A cake to savour.

This recipe can be found in Isa Does it and is also online at Post Punk Kitchen (but with some of the vanilla replaced by almond essence).

orange and chocolate cake

Here I am in the UK for Christmas and New Year (hence the gap between posts). We gave my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law Isa Does It for Christmas, which has meant lots of yummy food for me! We’ve just got back from visiting my brother-in-law’s family in Bath, and my sister-in-law Sara made a few sweet treats from Isa Does it: the Orange-Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake, shown above, and the Pineapple Upside-down Cake.

Sara made the bundt cake extra-special by covering it with “gooey ganache”, from another recipe in Isa Does It. The cake tasted great, even a couple of days after it was baked.

Pineapple upside-down cake

This photo of the upside-down cake is taken the next day, and as you can see, the blackberries in the centre of each pineapple slice had done a bit of colouring-in by then. (The recipe calls for cherries or raspberries but we had blackberries and used those). This cake was really yummy, and fun to see the pineapple revealed after the cake is turned out. My nephew William made coconut vanilla ice-cream (not pictured) for me to eat with this cake. Delish.