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I needed a beetroot recently but had to buy a bunch of three. I roasted the remaining beetroot and used most of it to make a big batch of Minimalist Baker’s roasted beetroot hummus. I used about half the lemon zest suggested by the recipe (because I only had one lemon and was making a double batch). I believe that it’s fine to freeze hummus so I’ve got half of this beautiful stuff in the freezer, and have been enjoying the other half on crackers and as a sandwich spread. What a gorgeous colour!

Hummus Bar

Delicious food from the Hummus Bar in Budapest. This is the “complete” plate, with felafel, chickpeas, mushrooms, hummus, tahini and phool (which I think is to lima beans as hummus is to chickpeas). The bread (laffa) is freshly made in the restaurant and arrives warm (sometimes very warm!).

The Hummus Bar is a Budapest chain – some are completely vegetarian, others serve omni food as well. Highly recommended (I also recommend the ginger lemonade).