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We had a half-watermelon in the fridge recently that really needed eating, but noone in the house seemed that interested in eating it. It was still summer here in Sydney (this is about a week ago) but autumn was closing in. As a last summer hurrah, I decided to turn the watermelon into a frozen treat.

Some quick googling revealed that this is very easy: just freeze the watermelon and then blend it up, possibly with a little lime juice. (I used the juice of half a lime.) My blender didn’t find this particularly easy, but I kept tamping down on the watermelon chunks and eventually the mixture was pretty smooth.  The process is so simple that a recipe is probably unnecessary, but as a guide I used this recipe from thethingswellmake. I didn’t add any sweetener, I don’t think it’s necessary (the recipe suggests possibly adding honey, but as a vegan I don’t eat honey).

We all enjoyed this refreshing sorbet…. next time I might add a little mint, I think that would be nice.

Raw vegan cheesecake, anyone?

Ever since I saw recipes for raw vegan cheesecakes, I was pretty keen to make one at home. Now that I have a high-powered blender, I can do just that. I used Dreena Burton’s recipe for raw lemon-lime cheesecake with fresh mango sauce. It’s amazing what you can do with a few cashews.

Actually my first attempt at raw cheesecakes followed this recipe for seven ingredient vegan cheesecakes. They were fun too: you make individual cheesecakes in muffin moulds. I topped half of ours with blueberries and the rest with raspberries. The consensus in our house was that raspberry tasted best.

Now my challenge is to try to hold myself back from making cheesecake a staple part of the family diet (-: