Tempeh tickle and polenta

Sometimes on a Friday night the rest of my family order some non-vegan home delivery food, and I cook something easy and satisfying for myself. A favourite for these Friday nights is Dreena Burton’s Tempeh Tickle recipe, from Let Them Eat Vegan. ┬áThe marinade is pretty easy to make while the tempeh is steaming, then the warm tempeh in the marinade for half an hour. A quick bake in the oven and they’re ready to eat.

The tempeh slices are also great in sandwiches, or crumbled into a tomato-based pasta sauce. I do try other tempeh recipes from time to time, but I keep coming back to this one.

Here, I also made some polenta and a salad. I was trying to recreate a salad a Greek friend made for me once, years and years ago: from memory, it was rocket and continental parsley and lemon juice, maybe some seasoning, and it was delicious. I don’t think I quite got the rocket-to-parsley ratio right in my attempt, but it was still very tasty and full of goodness. I threw in some chopped-up cherry tomatoes, for colour.