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It’s been a while between posts: I’ll blame the school holidays. We went camping for a few days with some friends and a small tribe of children. Other parents were experts with the campfire, and lots of delicious baked vegetables were consumed.

Now that we’re home, I decided to try some baked potatoes with homemade baked beans. I bought medium-sized white-skinned potatoes and followed these instructions. I cooked the potatoes for about 55 minutes and they turned out really well: soft and fluffy inside, just a little crispy outside.

For the beans I took this recipe from Vegan Sparkles as the starting point, but I skipped the sundried tomatoes, used 2 x 400g tins tomatoes, 2 x 400g tins borlotti beans, 2 chopped-up vine tomatoes and one large brown onion. I doubled all the herbs and spices except cayenne, which I omitted (too hot for my kids) and replaced with about 1/4 teaspoon chilli powder. I added plenty of salt and cracked black pepper, and some fresh oregano and kale from the garden. (A couple of leaves of kale, chopped finely with some herbs, and the kids don’t know they’re eating kale! Child #2 calls this kale surprise.)

As you can see, we were liberal with the grated vegan cheese on top. This was a hearty and tasty meal, which we all enjoyed. I think the fresh oregano really worked well with the tomato and cumin.

Vegan potato bacon

I never would have thought of marinating slices of potato to create a potato “bacon”. But Leigh told me that the potato bacon and the tempeh bacon had been favourites with her troupe of taste testers. These taste testers know their stuff, so I tried it and it worked really well.

The vegan bacon marinade recipe is from Veganissimo!


Spicy bean hot pot

It was my (omni) husband’s turn to cook, and he decided to cook something vegan so we could all enjoy the same meal. He found a recipe in a very surprising place, the Hairy Bikers’ Perfect Pies cookbook (spicy bean hot pot). The only adjustment needed was to brush the potato topping with oil rather than melted butter. Delicious, thanks honey!