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It was hard to decide what to eat when I visited Shenkin at Enmore.  In the end I ordered the Forest bowl, with cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, chickpeas, carrot and hummus. Everything was beautifully prepared and the combination was very tasty and satisfying.

Pumpkin and coconut wrap

After camping for three days in nearby Murramarang National Park, surrounded by kangaroos and kookaburras, swimming and snorkelling in the sea, we didn’t really want to come home. So on our departure day we stopped off at the Treehouse Cafe, Ulladulla. This is a great vegan-friendly vegetarian cafe which uses fresh, organic ingredients. Their pumpkin and coconut wrap sounded intriguing, so I had to try it: patties made of pumpkin, coconut and (some other stuff… I forget!) presented with lots of salad in a fresh wrap. I enjoyed it! It was unusual but yummy: I’d wondered if it would turn out to be too sweet but this was not the case.

Treehouse Cafe Ulladulla

They do good coffee too!! We’re already looking forward to our next camping trip to Murramarang National Park, followed by lunch at the Treehouse Cafe to ease the transition back into day-to-day life.

Pumpkin chickpea pie with basil

This pie is easy to make. The filling is pureed in a food processor, so it has the consistency of baked hummus. The basil flavour works really well. I used Dreena Burton’s recipe “Yellow sweet potato chickpea pie with basil” (from Let them Eat Vegan), substituting pumpkin for the sweet potato. It’s not that I have anything against sweet potato, you understand – just we had some pumpkin in the house that needed to be cooked. I’ll definitely try it again with sweet potato one day.

Roasted pumpkin seeds

A final post about pumpkins, for now at least (I’ve still got several cups of mashed steamed pumpkin in the freezer!). While having my festival of pumpkin last weekend, I found a post on ohsheglow’s blog about pumpkin seeds and how delicious they are. So I decided to try it. I’m not sure if Angela from ohsheglows has ever tried eating the outer shell of a Queensland Blue pumpkin… a little on the woody side. But they were certainly a nice snack and do taste a bit like popcorn.

Pumpkin gnocchi in tomato olive sauce

Here’s the finished dish – made from this recipe. My daughter gave this meal 12 out of 10. Next time I might try a milder sauce though, maybe something simple with sage and not much else, to see if the pumpkin taste would come through more. But it was definitely tasty.

Pumpkin gnocchi

The next thing I made with the pumpkin was pumpkin gnocchi. My kids love gnocchi, so I thought this would be a winner. I used this recipe. It took me a while to get the hang of forming the gnocchi and rolling it with the fork to make the well-known shape. But they seemed to turn out OK in the end.

Pumpkin scones

The first thing I made with the pumpkin was pumpkin scones. Delicious! It tickled me to use Flo Bjelke-Petersen’s recipe but make it vegan. I replaced the butter with vegan margarine, I used brown sugar, and replaced the egg with 1/3 cup of apple sauce. This may have led to a slightly sweeter scone, but it’s definitely not overly sweet.

(Flo’s husband Joh was Premier of Queensland for a long time, including my childhood. He disliked a lot of things that deviated from what he considered to be the norm: this is putting it mildly. It’s probably a safe guess to say that he would not have approved of vegans 🙂


The inside of the Queensland Blue pumpkin that grew in our backyard. Truly a thing of beauty.

Pumpkin. Let's eat it.

This is a Queensland Blue pumpkin. The vine self-seeded in our backyard… then it took over our backyard. I wasn’t even sure whether the pumpkin was ripe, but decided it was time to find out. (There’s going to be a few posts about pumpkins coming up, I’m warning you now.)

Pumpkin soup!

Delicious pumpkin soup recipe from Vegan with a Vengance. The pumpkin is roasted first, then some yummy things are added including garlic, ginger and chilli. The final touch is to stir through a bit of maple syrup and lime juice, which really lifts all the flavours.

Both the kids liked it, especially my son, who said “it’s a little bit…. spicy…. and a little bit…. yummy!”. This could be the first time that they haven’t been scared off by a hint of spice. Result!