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A few days ago I had dinnerĀ at Vina Vegan Restaurant, Newtown. I was by myself but still managed to eat three fresh rice paper rolls (very tasty) and almost all of this steaming bowl of vegan beef pho noodle soup. Just look at it, it’s gorgeous and it tasted delicious. They certainly know what they’re doing with their mock meat, it’s quite something.


This soup comes from Angela Liddon’s Oh She Glows cookbook, and can be found on her website. In the book it is called On the mend spiced red lentil-kale soup. It was great for a cool evening and may even have helped child #1 get over her cold, maybe. Even though the soup was a bit spicy, with ingredients including chilli powder and a tiny bit of cayenne pepper, my kids seemed quite happy eating it. I had some leftover cooked quinoa, so I threw that in as well: with the quinoa and lentils together it was a really hearty meal. I’ll make this again.


It’s been cold in Sydney lately: really cold! So I decided to use up lots of leftover veggies from the fridge and make a veggie soup. This soup had sweet potato, cauliflower, carrot, cabbage, celery, a little homegrown kale and parsley, and some brown rice. It was a very thick soup, even after blending with a stick blender. I quite like using white pepper instead of black pepper in soup sometimes, for a change.

I even got fancy and made a rosemary foccacia from Vegonomicon. I’ve made it before, but this one turned out really well: you can see it in the background. I was really happy with the texture, and it tasted great, with lots and lots of homegrown rosemary.

This satisfying soup uses almond butter to add richness, almond milk for smoothness and some nooch and mustard for a “cheesy” flavour. The flavours are balanced: my kids don’t like things that taste too strongly of nooch, but they happily ate this soup… in fact, we all did. (My kids both really like broccoli, hooray!)

The recipe is from Robin Robertson’s Nut Butter Universe and is available on her website.

Miso soup with kale

I only very recently discovered how easy it is to make miso soup. Now it’s my favourite way to eat kale. I used this recipe for tofu and kale miso soup, but at the time I didn’t have any tofu so made it just with kale…. delicious. Since then I’ve tried it with tofu as well…. also delicious.

Like almost everyone I know, I had a bad flu this winter: a really nasty one that wipes you out and doesn’t want to go away. I’m sure this soup helped me to regain my strength when I really needed it. Yay for the healing power of garlic, ginger, kale and miso!

French lentil soup

This french lentil soup comes from Dreena Burton’s book Let Them Eat Vegan. It would be a little less all-brown if I hadn’t forgotten to buy the carrot(s) that are supposed to go in it. As promised, this soup had a very earthy flavour, was tasty and satisfying.

Pumpkin soup!

Delicious pumpkin soup recipe from Vegan with a Vengance. The pumpkin is roasted first, then some yummy things are added including garlic, ginger and chilli. The final touch is to stir through a bit of maple syrup and lime juice, which really lifts all the flavours.

Both the kids liked it, especially my son, who said “it’s a little bit…. spicy…. and a little bit…. yummy!”. This could be the first time that they haven’t been scared off by a hint of spice. Result!