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A few days ago I had dinnerĀ at Vina Vegan Restaurant, Newtown. I was by myself but still managed to eat three fresh rice paper rolls (very tasty) and almost all of this steaming bowl of vegan beef pho noodle soup. Just look at it, it’s gorgeous and it tasted delicious. They certainly know what they’re doing with their mock meat, it’s quite something.

Roll'd tofu rolls

I’ve spent the last two weeks travelling, so I haven’t been doing much home cooking. Any vegans who travel will attest that airports are not always easy. So it’s always exciting to find a new food option. I was in Brisbane domestic airport when I spotted Roll’d, an outlet offering fresh Vietnamese street food. Though omni, they had vegan options including these delicious tofu rolls.

This roll was very tasty, with coriander and noodles and sliced red cabbage and carrot inside. There was quite a wide choice of sauces: one container of sauce per roll (I chose hoisin).