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We had a half-watermelon in the fridge recently that really needed eating, but noone in the house seemed that interested in eating it. It was still summer here in Sydney (this is about a week ago) but autumn was closing in. As a last summer hurrah, I decided to turn the watermelon into a frozen treat.

Some quick googling revealed that this is very easy: just freeze the watermelon and then blend it up, possibly with a little lime juice. (I used the juice of half a lime.) My blender didn’t find this particularly easy, but I kept tamping down on the watermelon chunks and eventually the mixture was pretty smooth.  The process is so simple that a recipe is probably unnecessary, but as a guide I used this recipe from thethingswellmake. I didn’t add any sweetener, I don’t think it’s necessary (the recipe suggests possibly adding honey, but as a vegan I don’t eat honey).

We all enjoyed this refreshing sorbet…. next time I might add a little mint, I think that would be nice.

Watermelon, raspberry and ginger green smoothie

One day I had some watermelon in my fridge that needed to be used up, and some frozen raspberries in the freezer. I put them together with some chopped banana, chopped ginger, english spinach and almond milk, and whizzed it all up into a green smoothie. It tasted fantastic, I was really amazed… it tasted far better than it had any right to taste. Yum!