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This recipe for lemon tofu is easy and the results are reliably delicious. Though based on Hetty McKinnon’s recipe, I use the slightly tweaked version from Where’s The Beef. Their method for coating the tofu in soy sauce and then cornflower, by shaking things up inside a large tupperware container, is genius. So much easier and more effective than trying to roll the tofu around by hand. Highly recommend.

I’ve been vegan for a while now, more than 8 years in fact. So I can easily go a month only cooking things I’ve cooked before. (This is why I hardly ever post on this blog, especially now that travel is impossible.) But I’ve been meaning to try to make cauliflower wings for a while, and I often end up with half a head of cauliflower left over after my partner makes a vegetable curry. Finally, this week I made cauliflower wings: specifically, Cauliflower Buffalo Wings from BOSH.

One reason why I chose to make this particular recipe is that there’s no deep frying involved: the wings are cooked in the oven. I don’t prefer this for health reasons, I’m just scared of hot oil and so I don’t enjoy deep frying! Instead, after coating the cauliflower in batter and rolling it in breadcrumbs, melted vegan butter mixed with hot sauce is drizzled over the partly-baked cauliflower, then returned to the oven to bake until golden brown. Yum!

We had these for lunch and we all thought they were delicious. Kid #2 said “Chef’s kiss!”. I also made the ranch sauce to go with it, but sadly I didn’t have any fresh parsley in the house, so the sauce was plain, but nice. I’ll definitely make this again and make sure I’ve got fresh parsley on hand.

Back in February, I visited Monash University, Melbourne. I stayed with good friends who live in Huntingdale, and they took me to dinner at Balila Lebanese Cuisine and Cafe.  It’s an omni place but with lots of amazing vegan options. I had the vegan mashawe, and everything on my plate was delicious. I particularly liked the white fluffy garlic sauce (so strong! so tasty!). 

I hope that I will have a chance to eat at Balila again one day.


It’s a bit hard to tell from this photo, but this is a Thai red curry.  Specifically, it is the Thai red curry recipe from the BOSH! cookbook (“Simple recipes, amazing food, all plants”).  The recipe and video are also available online.

I enjoyed making this recipe, and it was definitely tasty and felt healthy.  I don’t like lychees so I skipped those.  Next time I make it I’ll also add some tofu cubes or tofu puffs.


Back in mid-March we went to lunch at the Green Lion, Rozelle.  This was our first trip to the Green Lion, which is an all-vegan bistro above a pub.  (I recommend that you avert your eyes from the taxidermy lion at the base of the stairs.)  I think it was kid #2 who ate the bean beef taco, pictured above.


Kid #1 had lasagne and chips.


My partner sampled the crumbed chicken burger…


… and I couldn’t go past the “Chicken Schnitty”, which was very tasty.

During this shutdown period, the Green Lion is selling vegan ready meals out of its warehouse in Lilyfield, Sydney.  I’m sure I’m not the only person looking back longingly at lovely lunches at the Green Lion.


When we visit my in-laws in the UK, every second Christmas, I like to take advantage of the fact that they live just outside Newcastle upon Tyne, home of the Ship Inn, Ouseburn. I ate there for the first time during my last visit, and made sure to return this time.

Deciding what to eat was not easy but I ended up choosing the jackfruit shawarma. Everything tasted really fresh and delicious.


I also enjoy the decor and general atmosphere.


So many choices on this menu that I want to eat.  Why, oh why did we only come here once during our stay?  Why is this place on the other side of the world from where I live? (I know, it wouldn’t do me much good to be there now, since we’re all staying at home all the time for the foreseeable future.)


Nice kingfisher too.


How is it possible that I live in Sydney and have been vegan for 7 years now, and last October was the first time I ate at the Green Mushroom in Glebe?  Clearly my priorities are all wrong and I needed to carefully examine my life choices.  So many dishes to choose from, all vegan, beautifully flavoured and delicious.


I urge you to learn from my mistakes and visit the Green Mushroom at your earliest convenience.


On our last day of a recent holiday on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke), we had brunch at a cafe called the Blue Room.  This was a really interesting vegan breakfast option, with mushrooms, lots of green veg, crushed nuts and a kind of coconut mush. I enjoyed it.  Good coffee too!


After a lovely weekend with my friends in Amstelveen, I moved into a cute hotel in Jordaan for a week of work.  I had most of the day to myself on the Monday, and took myself to Meatless District for lunch.  I had a Tofu Hollandaise, served with asparagus and rocket.  It was very tasty and satisfying.


On my last evening in Amsterdam, a Thursday evening, I had dinner here with my work colleagues.  It was really busy, with people at the bar and lots of people eating. We had a good meal (I had a burger) but sadly, no photos.


On my final breakfast in Amsterdam I walked down the street to a place called Healthy Belly, and had these pancakes with coconut cream.  Delicious.


A couple of months ago I spent a week in Amsterdam. The trip was mostly for work, but first I visited my friend Mandy who lives in Amstelveen.  Some friends from the UK joined us for the weekend and it was lovely.  A food-related highlight was dinner at Restaurant Blauw, an Indonesian restaurant near the western end of Vondelpark.

Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands serve something called rijsttafel, which means “rice table”.  It consists of lots of different dishes, to share, so that you get to try lots of things.  Restaurant Blauw offers vegan rijsttafel!  So of course I ordered it and it was delicious.  I’ve forgotten the details and I can’t find the menu online, but there was tofu, tempeh, yummy vegetables, sate sauce, salad, rice.  What I do remember is how much I enjoyed the meal. I wish Amsterdam wasn’t so far away from Sydney!