I was pretty busy for the second half of last year, and I confess that this post is about a visit I made to Glebe Markets, Sydney, back in September!  But it’s better late than never, I think, to mention that this was the first time I tried arepas. It is a kind of gluten-free bread made out of corn, sliced in half and filled with yummy stuff. In my case it was filled with black beans, plantains, sliced cabbage, avocado and some salsa. Very tasty. If you find yourself in Glebe Market, Sydney, I recommend you wander right down to the end of the food aisle to see if La Reine “Queen of Venezuelan Arepas” are serving lunch.



Three months ago I went to Canberra for a few days for work.  When in Canberra I always try to have lunch or dinner at Au Lac Royal Vegan Cuisine.  This time I was in a group of three, and we shared three delicious dishes:  crispy honey chicken (bottom left in the photo), chicken with basil leaves (at the top) and tamarind fish (at right).


All the food was really tasty but the standout dish was the tamarind fish. According to the Au Lac menu, this is “soy fish drizzled with rich tamarind sauce and onion”. According to me, this is heavenly food which made me very happy.  Three months later it still makes me happy, just thinking about this meal.


I had some (elderly) mandarins that needed to be eaten.  So I decided to try this mandarin upside-down cake recipe from avantegardevegan.  It was easy to make, though it took me a while to carefully pick all the pips out of the mandarins. I didn’t bother with the marmalade glaze though.

My 9-year-old kid didn’t like the slightly bitter taste of the mandarins, but the rest of us enjoyed this cake.  As the recipe says, it would also work well with pineapple.


This was a very easy and satisfying dinner. I had some VBites Chorizo Chunks in the fridge, so I fried some onions, then warmed up the chorizo and added chopped tuscan kale and continental parsley from the garden. Served over polenta made with a mixture of soy milk and water, with olive oil, pepper and nutritional yeast stirred through at the end. Tasty and colourful.


We visited the Cruelty Free shop in Glebe recently and when I saw that they had the Beyond Burger in stock, I couldn’t resist.  We had it for dinner that night with roast vegetables, steamed snow peas and a Greek salad, made with a vegan feta that I also purchased at the Cruelty Free shop (unfortunately I don’t remember which brand).

The Beyond Burger really is kind of amazing.  The  taste and texture is very realistic.  It’s almost too realistic.  We all enjoyed it and I’m glad we tried it, but I don’t think I’d want to eat it *too* regularly.

The feta tasted nice but kind of melted into the tomato and cucumber, as you can see in the photo.  So I ate up the rest of it by spreading it on toast when I wanted a savoury snack, and it was delicious.


Hi team, it’s been a while. But I’m back, to tell you about these homemade BBQ seitan ribz I made recently, using this recipe from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen.  (That recipe dates all the way back to 2007, wow.)  I thought the ribz turned out pretty well.  I just did what the recipe said, using store-bought BBQ sauce though because I’d run out of puff by then.

I ate these on sandwiches, chucked them into lunch bowls and sometimes just gnawed on them straight from the fridge when I wanted a chewy savoury snack.  I’d make these again and I’d probably aim for a spicier BBQ sauce, something with a bit of a kick.


This post from the Fat Gay Vegan, entitled “Leeds gets super vegan”,  reminded me that I hadn’t yet posted about my trip to the Old Red Bus Station on my last day in Leeds, back in July.  This place is a bar and a venue and hosts Cantina, “Leeds first all-vegan eatery”.

When I visited, there was a large meet-up happening and food was available only from the bar. I settled in with a beer and awaited the arrival of my lunch: a Ve-bab, described in the menu as “Seitan Kebab served in a Pitta with Salad, Garlic Sauce & Chunky Chips”. You can just see one slice of seitan in the photo, sticking out under the lettuce on the left side. The seitan and pitta were delicious and I really enjoyed the garlic sauce.


I’m really glad I ate here, it’s a cool place.


If you find yourself in Leeds centre, this place is just north of the Headrow on Vicar Lane.  Look on the right side of the road as you walk north: when you see a sign in an upstairs window that says “HAIL SEITAN”, you’re there.